It’s NaNoWriMo Time

It’s that time of year again, the season of hope, dread, and utter insanity. I’m actually not talking about election season, but yeah, that too. But nah, I’m talking about National Novel Writing Month, or Kick in the Seat of Your Pants/ Git ‘Er Done Month.

I’m not starting a new novel this time. My goal is to finish the one I started in 2018. (I missed 2019 because I was in the process of moving across the country this time last year, from Connecticut to California with a much needed and loved few months down South with family and friends.) 

It’s okay to do NaNoWriMo with a work-in-progress; I even got a NaNo Rebel badge for it. Which is why I like the whole NaNo project, as corny and gimmicky as it may sound.  I wasn’t going to sign up at first. I was going to do it unofficially. But there’s something about entering daily (sometimes hourly when I’m anxious) word counts and earning badges that gets my blood going and keeps me motivated. (And I like corn :-)). 

This NaNo I’m more concerned with finishing my novel than winning. 2018 I finished off the month with 38,711 words. After two years of editing and tinkering, a lot of those 38,711 words are still pretty good if I say so myself, though I may have taken out about 3,000 unnecessary adjectives. (Trust me, three adjectives per word is too many, but sometimes dang it you need that adverb.) 

This month is about whatever it takes to get it done. Shanna Melton, founder of Poetic Soul Arts and facilitator of a writing group I’m a part of, shared a quote from Langston Hughes as a writing prompt: “Do you create art as if your life depended on it?” My answer was an emphatic Yes! because when you are writing your existence onto the page, writing your politicized, historically marginalized, intersectional existence into a world in which the self-ordained powers that be would rather you didn’t exist in it, it absolutely is a matter of life or death.

2 responses to “It’s NaNoWriMo Time”

  1. Hello, fellow Nano-ite! I’m a rebel in disguise, too. I have three past nano’s that I’d like to finish off…each needing 1-3 chapters yet. I also have a perspective piece that I’m working on, and of course there’s always the open “blank” document for starting something new if I feel so inclined. I set my goals high, with smaller goals that appeal to me. This rebel has been writing now since 0400 this morn….

    1. Hi! Yes the challenge is often less so about drumming up a project as it is choosing which one to focus on. Best wishes to you to reach your goals big and small.

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