Skin Game

11702_10153368894984202_4394788213358233170_nMy reflection on diversity and parenting for

By Ambata Kazi-Nance, Guest Blogger

My son and I were having dinner a few nights ago when he started talking about his school day.

“Eloise gave me her skin, Mama,” he said with a laugh.

“I’m sorry, she did what?”

“Her skin, her pink skin.”

Now, being the mother of a brown boy, alarm bells started ringing loudly in my head. Part of me has been preparing since the day he was born—for the day when he came home emotionally bruised from his first confrontation with racism. Thoughts and images of a white child making my son feel inferior because of his brown skin immediately flooded my brain.

“We were sharing skin,” he said with glee. “She gave me her pink skin for my cheeks, and I gave her my brown skin for her cheeks.”

I looked at his little smiling face. Two four-year-old children: one black American, one white…

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