Ambata Kazi-Nance is a writer, teacher, editor, and researcher born and raised in New Orleans, LA, currently living in the California Bay Area with her husband and son. She has a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans.

Her fiction and poetry have appeared in The Peauxdunque Review, CordellaMixed Company, Ellipsis, and Blue Minaret, and her other writings have been featured in Love InshAllah, New Orleans Moms BlogAzizahFree to Breastfeed: Voices of Black Mothers, Brassy Brownand Grow Mama.

When she’s not writing, Ambata enjoys checking out more books than she can carry at her local library, imagining herself a flaneuse, fumbling through motherhood, and daydreaming, always daydreaming.

When she’s not avoiding writing, which she does far too often, she works on her novel about a young Muslim woman reconciling with her homeland and her community post-trauma.

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